Wealth Management

Our personalised approach ensures that the plan that we design is based on an understanding and articulation of your unique circumstances and needs. Our in-depth knowledge and experience of local and global taxation, financial markets and regulations makes certain that we provide solutions that mitigate leakages due to taxes and other costs. Skilful implementation of the plan followed by ongoing risk management and monitoring and regular communication provides comfort that you remain on track to achieve your goals.

Step 1: Discovery

A thorough investigation of your current financial position in terms of assets and liabilities. Through engagement and analysis we ascertain your ongoing needs, identify any risks that may exist, understand what your long term goals are as well as your concerns.

Step 2: Develop Roadmap

We develop an integrated financial roadmap that is designed to meet your unique requirements. This roadmap is all encompassing taking into consideration tax, investment, insurance and estate planning requirements making sure that every step of the accumulate, preserve and transfer process is accounted for. We communicate the plan to you to ensure that any decision you make is based on sound reasoning.

Step 3: Implement

Implementation of the plan is managed carefully to ensure maximum efficiency and to avoid any cost leakage due to unnecessary product costs, taxes or regulatory fees.

Step 4: Ongoing Risk Management

Once your plan has been implemented we continue to monitor the performance of your strategy and provide you with regular communication through the provision of on-line access, customised reports and face-to-face meetings. Changes to your bespoke solution will be made when necessary to mitigate risk, to be opportunistic or adapt to your changing needs.