Certainty of financial security at retirement requires conscious planning and commitment. Given the complexities and risks associated with global financial markets and the sheer volume of retirement products available it is imperative that the retirement savings product suitable for you is carefully matched to your profile. Furthermore, the product that you select cannot remain static throughout your pre-retirement years as your appetite for risk decreases as you get older and also depends on your overall personal balance sheet.


At Pioneer Wealth Managers we conduct a liability driven investment strategy to determine the appropriateness of a retirement solution based on your unique circumstances. This is carefully monitored and adjusted over time to mitigate any unwanted risks related to financial markets volatility or changes in retirement and tax regulations.

At retirement efficient income management is achieved through the use of appropriate investment vehicles designed so that you will be able to sustain the lifestyle that you planned for. Once again there are many different types of annuities and the one that is most suitable for you based on your income requirements needs to be selected.


Through our holistic wealth management process we will assist you during both your pre and post retirement years so that you can retire comfortably and without the fear of outliving your savings.