Philosophy and Process

At Pioneer Wealth Managers we believe that superior investment performance can be delivered to you through focusing on some key areas:


1. Ensuring that the asset allocation is appropriate for the investment objective.

2. Being cognisant of risk and allocating the risk budget wisely.

3. Choosing specialist managers within each asset class to deliver consistent alpha from a diversified opportunity set.

4. Taking advantage of tactical asset allocation opportunities.


Our value proposition is supported by a sound investment process

Design Asset Allocation

Conduct Rigorous Manager Due Diligences

Fund Selection

Portfolio Construction

Ongoing Risk Management

Our investment process follows five steps taking us from asset allocation, to manager due diligence, manager selection, portfolio construction and finally on-going risk management of the portfolios. At each step in the process it is about identifying sources of return as well as sources of risk to ensure that we build portfolios that not only deliver on their return expectations but have the highest probability of doing so. Always at the forefront of our minds when making investment decisions is the impact that the decision will have on the overall risk of the portfolio.