Our Clients

Our clients always take centre stage. However, clients are not all the same. Generational differences, sources of wealth, occupation, gender, ethnic and faith diversity means that clients can no longer only be grouped and serviced according to the size of their wealth. This means that clients need to be teamed up with like minded managers who share similar outlooks on life and values. At Pioneer we have a diverse team of wealth managers that easily complement these varying needs.


Our core focus is to manage our clients’ current as well as their future wealth. Our clients are typically high net worth individuals who are largely entrepreneurs, professionals and executives.

Client relationships and communication is customised to the requirements of our clients. Some enjoy having an information advantage and require consistent contact in regards to opportunities whereas others prefer only regular contact at particular times with specific information being provided.


The passion and level of knowledge shared between our wealth managers and clients is what defines us and is our largest differentiating characteristic.