Long Term Savings

An important component of the wealth management process is identifying appropriate long-term investment solutions that will most likely meet your expectations of wealth accumulation. However, this is not an easy task as there are thousands of funds and strategies available in the market.


At Pioneer Wealth Managers we have a large team of experienced investment professionals who conduct exhaustive due diligences, on different funds and strategies both locally and globally in search of skill, consistent delivery of performance and alpha generation capability.


Our clients benefit from our houseview of selected funds that have undergone our rigorous due diligence process. These funds are directly accessible from us or through the many platforms that we are contracted to.

Global Mutual Funds

In truly understanding and fully exploiting the well documented benefits of diversification, Pioneer Wealth Managers remains abreast of global economic events and the impact of including international allocations within clients’ investment portfolios. Understanding offshore investments as a strategy is increasingly relevant given South Africa’s modest contribution of less than 1% to total global economic activity.

Unit Trusts

We possess the necessary tools to screen, analyse and due diligence the complete universe of South African registered unit trust funds across the risk and reward spectrum. This allows us to identify the most appropriate products for our clients in a highly regulated environment with clearly defined risk parameters.