A cornerstone of holistic wealth management is to fully exploit the benefits diversification has to offer. Individuals are generally overexposed to assets and investments in their home country. Investing a portion of your overall wealth globally offers you the ability to access multiple sources of return and also acts as insurance against local currency weakness. At Pioneer Wealth Managers we recognise the advantages of holding a global asset mix across developed and emerging markets across different asset classes. Global solutions are tailored for you by our team of dedicated investment professionals with significant expertise in global markets.


Pioneer Wealth Managers can help you successfully diversify your assets globally.

Asset Swaps

Speak to us to help you obtain offshore exposure through use of the asset swap mechanism.

Fund Selection

Access to premium global funds in both the emerging and developed markets that have passed the vetting process of our investment team.

Global Stockbroking Portfolios

We have strategic relationships with a number of global stockbroking platforms which allows our clients to hold global portfolios either on a discretionary or non-discretionary basis.

Access to Global Platforms

There exist a variety of global execution platforms with varying degrees of complexity. Our clients benefit from our implementation expertise in that we will select the most efficient and cost effective platforms for execution.