Employee Benefits

Employer facilitated retirement, insurance and medical aid benefits is often the only form of wealth accumulation and insurance employees have. They make a real impact on the lives of employees who would otherwise not do anything in preparation for retirement or insuring against life events and medical expenses.


We can assist employers develop and implement appropriate employee benefits packages and provide cost effective access to an umbrella provident fund. For more information, visit www.workersretirementfund.com

Retirement Planning

  • People generally fail to plan appropriately for retirement.
  • For many employees their employer sponsored retirement plan is the only provision they have for retirement.
  • Many employees lack the capacity to plan appropriately.

Group Insurance

  • South Africans are under insured.
  • Employer provided insured benefits is often the only insurance cover employees hold.
  • Only provision in times of loss and/or crisis.

Medical Aid

  • Access to affordable quality healthcare is limited in South Africa.
  • Most employees need assistance in identifying appropriate medical aid options.
  • Employer facilitated healthcare insurance is often an essential part of overall employee wellness.