26 Feb The Case For Geographic Asset Class Diversification

Many investors believe that that they can select the best performing asset class and asset manager and that the asset class and asset manager will consistently deliver exceptional returns year after year. However this is never the case as illustrated by the quilt below which...

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31 Jan 27four makes right call on offshore returns

Raging Bull Award for the Best South African Multi-asset Equity Fund – the top-performing fund on a risk-adjusted basis over five years to December 31, 2014 A fund of funds with a focus on investing across asset classes without taking too much risk won the Raging...

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08 Dec Tax Incentivized Savings

South African law makers want to encourage us to save. Retirement savings have had a favourable tax treatment for many years. From 1 March 2015 certain non-retirement investments will have similar tax benefits. Like retirement savings there is an initial tax break when making the...

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