Alternative Investments

Alternative investments such as hedge funds should be standard in every high net worth investor’s portfolio. The reasons for inclusion is that a properly constructed hedge fund portfolio will provide several benefits:


  • Protection of capital and the ability to control downside risk when markets are weak.
  • A source of return that is not correlated to traditional asset classes and when included in your overall investment strategy will lead to risk reduction.


The team at 27four Wealth have extensive experience in evaluating and assessing hedge fund strategies and can provide you access to leading institutional hedge fund solutions both locally and globally.



Hedge funds are presently not regulated by the Financial Services Board, and do not comply with the provisions of the Collective Investments Schemes Control Act Number 45 of 2002. Therefore hedge funds are private investments suitable only for sophisticated investors, and are not open to the general public. The information provided here does not constitute a solicitation, invitation or investment recommendation, and prior to selecting a financial product or fund it is recommended that investors seek specialised financial, legal and tax advice.